Funan SG – Added More Life FOR Shoppers… And Cycling Enthusiasts

Previously known as the Funan DigitalLife Mall, has now revamped its mall into an even livelier environment to shop and dine in, 34 years of existence, and 3 years of hard work. Shoppers are able to experience a different kind of activities, and there are things for husbands and boyfriends to do too while your wife or girlfriend are shopping.

BiRoll was there for the opening on Friday, 28 June 2019… Yes we missed the 1130am door opening and didn’t walk all of the floors but explored level 1 and basement. But we were impressed by the structure of the cycling theme at the bicycle hub area, and even the fact that is one of the first indoor cycling mall in Singapore.

The cycling lanes were amazingly well thought of, and instructions of when to cycle thru and the speed limit was clear as 10kph is the max, running pace you may say but safety first. And you are only allowed to cycle during certain hours as shops open up at 10am onwards till late.

The Bicycle hub is well equipped with all your cycling tools, from a floor pump with meter gauge to allen wrench set of any size, some screwdrivers and tyre lever. (Not too sure if there are more though) Anyways…. Not to worry again if you happen to have a flat at that area.

On Your Bike… get set and …. GO!

Parking of bicycle is a commendable one, the well-designed bicycle bay definitely caught our eye, the flexibility of accommodating to e-bikes, as power sockets are available to ease your mind and you are able to park and charge, makes your mind at ease.

On the bombshell, there are shower facilities as well if you are one of those who commutes by bicycle, and need to take a bath before you start your work. We would really say that it is a well develop mall for cyclists to enjoy its endless facilities. So why not pop by and commute by your bicycle today!

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