Bike Washing Services by Iverson Chong – Skip The Dirty Work

By the name of convenient, looking for a bike service of any kind at a doorstep, which will you opt for? Well, in this day and age, with technology and online stores taking over the storm, hence more and more bicycle shop lots are closed in Singapore, and if you need a mechanic or washing services, there may be less on the streets.

This is where everyone’s friendly neighbourhood home mechanics or such washing services comes it, with handy people who work humbly from home, and yet is able to produce an extraordinary result. This happens in the very western part of Singapore, Jurong West.

Iverson Chong is one such example, he specializes in road bikes, gravel road bike, and flat bar road. With different ranges of washing style and services, all of which starts from just 25sgd. By the name of Odyssey Cycles, the meaning to it is to allow customers to roll even longer at ease after the washing away those dirt and stains off your beloved bike.

Hans as one of his regular customer shared that he came to know about the bike washing service when he first joined the then west riders, now can be known as Lake Odyssey Riders. He was willing to give it a try after Iverson promoted to the group, and at a very irresistible rates.

On top of which, Hans was also shocked that Iverson was able to turn the gunky chain which was heavily “Tortured” in the rain to a sparkling clean condition. On top of the bombshell, he will also recommend his friends about the service.

To find out more about how you can get your bike wash service by Odyssey Cycles by Iverson Chong, please contact, +65 9772 8855 to book for an appointment.  

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