A Day with Giant and Cadex

Saturday, 3rd August 2019 – BiRoll and Odyssey Cycles met up once again at Singapore Sports Hub, we were treated to a test ride session held by Tay Junction, where they used Shimano Cycling World as their option to display their array of sportive roadies, time trials, top ranging from SLR carbon disc to Cadex carbon wheels, Cadex saddles and shoes.


Established since 1972, the Giant brand was born in Taichung, Taiwan. A highly recognised brand that manufactures countless of road bicycle for the masses. The constant research and modern development of their value for money ALUXX (Aluminium) frame, to their TCR carbon bikes which was part of the DNA since 2003.

With many models available in the market from entry carbon to high range, I am sure each of us might find one that suits one. Then in the late 2010s, there comes the hype for aero frame carbon road bikes. Thanks to professional cycling tours around the globe, competition then became aggressive hence the PROPEL was introduced.

While this is a unisex sport, let’s not forget the sub-brand of GIANT, Langma where it is designed only for ladies, petit and easy-going ladies I would say. The frameset somewhat has a unique top tube set up, slant which allows the seat tube to be easily shortened and lowered.

As for TT, there was trinity on-site sitting tall and proud with top ranging Cadex wheels on. It is ready to be taken by any professional triathlete. The other model that was there as well, was the DEFY, somewhat under the radar but sure it will be comfortable for your long endurance rides.  

While being on the topic of constantly upgrading the engineering aspects of the company, GIANT also had a long term relationship with Shimano bicycle gear brands. The constant R&D just does not stop at the framesets, it is also the gears.

Looking at it this way, in the past when I first started cycling in 2013, 10 speed gears was about to retire. In 2014 till current day and age 11 speeds started to become a trend (1 more cassette does helps to climb Mt Faber at ease). Only recently, there was this hot topic for discs brakes versus rim brakes, Shimano does everything well.

SLR* and Cadex*

The SLR wheels just sits nicely as a value for money carbon wheelset, produced for the disc wheelset trends. Comfortable, responsive and yet easy to ride with. *Read the test for review*

While Cadex can be “arguably the world’s first carbon fibre road bike…..” which made its first debut in 1978, and yes it is by Giant the brand themselves. Finally coming back to the Giant family, and launching it as a high end carbon wheelset, tubeless tyres, shoes and saddles.

Directed towards the premium aftermarket sales segment, its availabilities at the main dealership, Tay Junction, Singapore is unfailing for choices, from clincher, tubular and the latest technology in town, tubeless.

Other than sitting around the topic on wheels, let’s move on to their saddles. While both weight and aerodynamics are a concern, it is claimed to be comfortable for your long rides. As for the shoes, somewhat similar in prospect, maybe less aero but comfort and lightness are well taken care of.

*sorry if any numbers are a concern, as we did not get proper data at the spot, will follow up on the next test rides articles.

Test Ride the PROPEL

After much walking around the museum and researching, it is finally our turn to test ride. Both Iverson and myself signed up for the PROPEL to ride. Thanks to Tay Junction people at site, we were allocated approx. 1hr and half for each test session.

Thanks to the SLR wheels which we felt that stiff, able to absorb bumps well, and responsive at first took off. And as it was my first time riding disc brake, the brakes were definitely much more progressive than a usual rim brake, which can be a good news for cyclists who fancies being heavy on their brakes.     

By the name goes, PROPEL sure works like a propeller, it felt smooth and definitely a good buy we say. We hope to have a chance to ride longer maybe a 60km ride the familiar Kranji route, with a mixture of undulating hills and easy flats, it sure does brings a smile on your face.

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